If you ever feel like you're just getting by...
If there is a whisper of inadequacy in your ear, or you have the nagging sense that you're settling for less, The Splendor of You will help you discover that you are a gift to the world, and you are called to let that gift - your God given Splendor - shine.
Deby Sansone Schlapprizzi is a nationally acclaimed motivational speaker, radio host, pro-life activist, and author. Her pro-life advocacy began in 1973, and since then she has experienced a variety of faith-based opportunities: interviewing Archbishops, speaking as a guest at youth organizations, hosting The Splendor of You® radio program, and writing The Splendor of You™.
Deby shares her strong principles and spirit through her faith-based podcast and radio program, The Splendor of You®. Throughout her career Deby has had the opportunity to learn and explore living through Christ in our modern world. Helping one another discover their splendor within and connect with God is a passion Deby has held for a lifetime.
Her titles have changed, but her message hasn't. Deby works to support the voiceless, and urges everyone to answer the call to live within his or her splendor.